When your vehicle experiences engine trouble, your first reaction may be to buy a new vehicle. However, a new car purchase may not be the best choice for you.  Whether you choose to rebuilt / remanufactured your engine to save your vehicle or you enjoy the freedom of not having car payments, a remanufactured engine may be the best way to keep your vehicle performing for you.


If your vehicle is in good condition, the Engine Rebuilders Council (ERC) suggests looking into a remanufactured / rebuilt engine.  Our process and strict standards ensures that your new remanufactured engine will be as good as a new engine, and in many cases,better.  We simply pay better attention to the details that result in better gas mileage, higher performance, and most of all, longevity.


Let Western Engine Supply, Inc. and their over 30 years of experience help you with the rebuilding / remanufacturing of your current vehicle's engine and get you back on the road.