About Us


We take pride in doing our job, taking no short cuts, using only the best products, and working all jobs as timely as possible.  We dedicate ourselves to providing service and support you can count on.

The remanufacturing process is very comprehensive.  Engine and component parts are completely disassembled, cleaned and carefully inspected.  Many components are replaced with new. Other parts and subassemblies which meet stringent criteria are remanufactured to OE (Original Equipment) standards.  Finally, finished engines are run on the run-stand to ensure proper lubrication, valve timing and static compression.

The services Western Engine Supply offers are:
  • Quality engine rebuilding
  • Machine work
  • Machine crankshafts
  • Completes engine rebuilding
  • Installation services

We also offer carry out machine work, engine part sales, long and short block engines and custom rebuilding.

We can rebuild your engine if your block is rebuildable or we have more than a sufficient supply of engine cores in house.